The Lord never gives up on His people.

Even when they fall away and go their own path...when they return to the same sinful patterns and behaviors that they had turned away from...

Even when they relapse.

So, let’s talk about relapse.

What is “relapse”?

Today in American culture, the term usually refers to drug addicts, who are clean and sober for a while and then fall back to use a substance that they had just been clean of. Returning to the same harmful patterns and behaviors.


It’s both a verb and a noun.

Noun: A deterioration in someone’s state of health after a temporary improvement.

Verb: To slip or fall back into a former worse state

Relapse sucks.

There is no getting around that.

You are going right back to the same death bringing habits as before, just when you thought you put all those evil desires in the past.

Take a look at the Israelites...

The Jews rebelled and abandoned their partnership and covenant with the Lord. Not just once...but time after time after time.

The Lord's chosen people...the ones who received the law of Moses, countless prophets, and beautiful promises from the God of the Universe...

God’s chosen people "relapsed".

They turned their backs on the Lord, disobeyed Him, turned to idols, and forgot His promises.

Just look at history.

The Jews found themselves in captivity or exile under many evil, foreign empires.

Assyrians -> Babylonians -> Persians -> Romans

The Israelites were in bondage many times in their history. The Old Testament holds account after account of the Israelites going in and out of exile. They would turn away from the way of the Lord, and then they would get taken over, enslaved by their enemies, and put in exile.


Ancient Babylon is found in what today is Iraq and was once a great civilization & empire.

Pride, idolatry, cruelty, and greed are associated with the city.

"Babylon is referenced 280 times in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. God sometimes used the Babylonian Empire to punish Israel, but his prophets foretold that Babylon's sins would eventually cause its own destruction."


Babylon in the Bible is a symbol for sin and rebellion.

Nevertheless, the Lord makes a way.

God keeps His promises:

His everlasting covenant with Abraham...the land of Canaan will be their inheritance.

He gives the law through Moses,

The Messiah will come through the line of David.

Scripture: Genesis 12:3, 13:14-17, 15:18-2

GET THIS: In the midst of ROMAN OCCUPATION, the Messiah comes.

To free, not just the Jews, but ALL people.

God sent...

Jesus (English Name)


Yeshua (Hebrew Name)

Which means...

“God saves/rescues”

He fulfills all covenants. He makes a way even when it all seems hopeless.

God never gives up on His people.

To fulfill the Old Testament Covenants, He, Himself, came down to Earth to help reconcile the people to Him and make a way for the whole world to have access to Him.

The entire Bible is a rescue story of the Father chasing after us.

No matter how many times that we slip up, we rebel, we relapse...

He is there with open arms.

He is our Defender, our Savior, and our Redeemer.

What an incredible love story. This is exactly why we go into the nations...

So that the WHOLE WORLD would get the chance to hear what their Creator did for them 2000 years ago...and what He keeps doing today!

No matter what you have done. No matter how many times you have stumbled and fallen back into the same patterns...


the Israelites did too...

and God NEVER gave up on them...

and He will never give up on you.

So don't lose hope.

Don't stop fighting.

Babylon will fall.

Turn to Him.

Because the God of the Universe is pulling for you.

Pray with Me: Pray for the addict who is still suffering and fighting through their own Babylon. Pray for modern Babylon & Persia...the countries of Iraq & Iran. Pray for the underground church in these countries to continue growing & thriving. Pray that the Good News will be shouted in the streets of Baghdad and Tehran and that every ear will hear!