Way Maker is a structured, long term, faith-based accountability recovery program. We require an 8 month commitment from anyone wanting to enter into our program. We are a 10-bed house in Plainfield, IN with a live-in house manager, who works closely with our hands-on staff and volunteers. We have minimum weekly random drug screens. We require all residents to attend church, work the 12 steps, and actively work with a sponsor. We require all residents to maintain full-time employment during their stay at Way Maker.

Way Maker homes will be substance-free. They will be places of refuge, hope, and second chances. Way Maker will provide recovering individuals opportunities to grow spiritually, improve his or her health, and develop emotional and social skills. Resources will be offered to allow for goal-setting with regard to employment, education, health, and rebuilding relationships. To achieve sustained recovery, we strive for Way Maker to feel like home. It is our hope that while we help those with Substance Use Disorder, we build a community of love, belonging, and freedom.

Program Fees

Way Maker Inc does have a program fees associated with the services that we provide for those coming into the program. Our program fees are $150 weekly for all participants.  We require $400 upon admission into the program which covers the deposit and first weeks rent.  If you have any questions about the program or admissions please feel free to call (317) 210-0538 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.